The Links into Languages programme has now closed. Please be aware that this page is no longer actively maintained and the information contained within it may be out of date.

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10 minute guide to accelerated language learning using phonics

Current research suggests that it is actually far better to overtly teach pupils the sound-spelling link (phonics) from a very early stage as this helps them to better manipulate their second foreign language independently. This guide is aimed mainly at primary and Key Stage 3 language teachers, giving a brief introduction to phonics along with practical and easy ideas to use in the classroom, links to helpful websites and suggestions for further reading.

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10 minute guide to creative technologies for creative linguists

This guide looks at the ways that technology can raise motivation for learning and provides a genuine context for language use. The first three sections, blogging, wikis and podcasting, deal with fast-growing communication technologies that reach out to and interact with a global audience, taking the classroom experience far beyond the confines of an exercise book. The guide also highlights an array of exciting, free online tools designed to allow creative use of language skills using audio, video and more.

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10 minute guide to intercultural learning and understanding in the classroom

This guide presents intercultural learning and understanding as an important underlying rationale for studying languages, a component of subjects such as citizenship and part of the new secondary languages curriculum; discusses the nature of intercultural skills and how they are acquired; demonstrates the challenges of teaching in the multicultural classroom; and offers useful ideas and links to help you make teaching fun.

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10 minute guide to benefits of continuing professional development

This guide explores how professional development opportunities can be used by teachers to enhance and develop their practice. It gives advice and guidance to teachers about how to balance their personal training priorities with whole-school issues and shows how the performance management process is an integral part of planning professional development. Signposting key sources of advice as well as course providers, it aims to help language teachers plan their continuing professional development (CPD) effectively – so that maximum benefit is gained not only by the individual teacher but also by others working with them.

10 minute guide to qualifications in languages

With an increasing range of language qualifications on offer, teachers need information in order to make the best choice for their students. Many have realised that traditional courses are not always the most appropriate to encourage students to continue studying a language. Awarding organisations have developed a range of alternative qualifications for languages that can complement different 14-19 pathways.

Language qualifications factsheet

This comprehensive factsheet lists the available language qualifications that can be used pre- and post-16 in schools and colleges. Covering 31 languages, qualifications are presented by language and by level, making it easy to find the information you're looking for. The factsheet was published in March 2011.