The Links into Languages programme has now closed. Please be aware that this page is no longer actively maintained and the information contained within it may be out of date.

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Talking to Learn

This project foregrounds two aspects of learner talk in the target language: planned talk and spontaneous talk, and through the development of new task types engaging with a variety of different contexts and stimuli we aim to improve learners’ confidence and ability in, and creativity with, spoken language.

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Making primary languages our business

A community of schools collaborated to engage reluctant and more committed language learners who designed language resources for primary, learned about methodology, planned lessons, and trialled them in partner primary schools. As a transition project this also provided opportunities for further language skills acquisition for primary languages teachers.

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Backstage is based on international film and music festivals. The students research the festival world and then use the target language creatively to promote, organise and star in their own festival.

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The evolution of language learning through science

In this project language and science teachers collaborated to put together a unit of work for students to learn science through French and/or German. This motivated students, promoted active learning and developed teachers’ expertise as curriculum leaders.

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Spinning a Yarn- ‘Helps Wu Larn’ - (The Geordie Way)

How to use stories from other cultures to develop the Intercultural Understanding Strand of the Key Stage 2 Framework for Languages. Using the language skills and strategies of secondary students to develop similar skills and strategies in primary school children.

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Creating a Language Learning Skills Continuum

Stand-alone teaching and learning activities and resources to develop pupils’ transferable Language Learning Skills and Knowledge About Language. The learning activities are matched to learning objectives in the Key Stage 2 and 3 Frameworks and can be used with any scheme for learning.

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On the snail trail

‘On the Snail Trail’ aims to capture language learning in Key Stage 2 and put it into a meaningful context. CLIL methodology is explored for French, Spanish, German and Italian, through mathematics based on a story book and exploring the evolution of snails in science.

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A board game for 2 players. Students take on the role of a British undercover agent and must work their way through France, Germany, Spain and Italy and back to Britain. They must pass on coded messages in the appropriate language in various situations, accumulating money as they go.

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CLIL Resources Project

We aimed to use the expertise of our Creative and Media Students to set up a student-run company to produce materials for use in primary and secondary schools to teach other subjects, particularly PSHE and Geography, in French and German. These materials will include short films of our work at Chenderit.

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