The Links into Languages programme has now closed. Please be aware that this page is no longer actively maintained and the information contained within it may be out of date.

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New GCSE Speaking Forum

A forum for teachers preparing students for the controlled speaking assessment of the new AQA GCSE in French, German, Spanish and Italian. The forum contains podcasts and learning materials in various formats to help teachers encourage students and increase their confidence in preparing for the speaking test, by using modern media.

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Languages as an Enterprise Skill

We staged a Languages Impact Activity day with employer - designed and led activities, attended by year 11 pupils from all the Isle of Wight secondary schools as a major component of National Enterprise Week. This day was followed up with a programmed sequence of structured consequential development.

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Developing Intercultural Understanding through Spontaneous Talk

The aim of this project was to increase and encourage spontaneous student use of the target language, through use of visual prompts such as photographs, often involving elements of Intercultural Understanding. The project was trialled with Year 8 classes in French, Spanish, Italian and German in schools in Shropshire.

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Now You Are Talking

The project seeks to explore speaking skills with specific focus on students’ confidence, fluency and spontaneity in speaking. Its aim is to engage students with a variety of different approaches and to encourage creativity and independence with the target language.

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Talking Matters

We explored intercultural understanding and global learning through the use of images at Key Stage 3. Young people were able to develop their ideas of intercultural understanding in parallel with their linguistic progression. They were also able to develop their critical thinking and enquiry skills.

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Our Voices

Pupils developed strategies to enable them to cope more effectively with their GCSE speaking controlled assessment with the focus on developing pronunciation, intonation and memorisation skills. In order to achieve our aims, we incorporated peer assessment across the two schools involved in the project and peer teaching.

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Talking sense with technology – Making the grade at GCSE

This project wanted to develop confidence in speaking and to allow teachers to experiment with new ways of engaging learners. We wanted to provide students with a new perspective and to challenge them to use new technology to improve performance in speaking.

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Languages Live

Building on our successful collaboration as a Strategic Learning Network, the project aims to engage KS3 students in creative responses to language learning. The focus was on creativity, independence and confidence, developed through a range of home learning projects. The end of the project was a big event called 'Languages Live' where students from all five schools came together to share their work and take part in workshops in a celebration of languages.

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Relevant and motivating approaches to languages

The project involved talking to students about motivating approaches to teaching languages. Our findings showed that they were interested in resources that supported their writing and speaking language skills. We therefore created resources to support them in these areas, including a range of PowerPoints and worksheets and a series of video recordings with transcripts.

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Linked Up Languages

The project has focussed on liaison between our four schools and the development from that of a coherent picture that allows students a seamless transition. This involves both the look of the department as well as the development of an 11-16 scheme of work. The aim from this was to improve uptake at Key Stage 4 and also to improve the use of target language amongst teachers and students.

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Talking to Learn 2

This project is a continuation of the original LinkedUp Talking to Learn project and seeks to continue to develop pupil confidence in spontaneous talk. Teachers have focused on the development of new task types which encourage spontaneous or unplanned talk in the classroom with the aim of improving learners’ confidence and creativity.

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