The Links into Languages programme has now closed. Please be aware that this page is no longer actively maintained and the information contained within it may be out of date.

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Backstage is based on international film and music festivals. The students research the festival world and then use the target language creatively to promote, organise and star in their own festival.

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Histoires sans paroles

The project is aimed at easing the transition between primary and secondary languages. By using picture stories we are encouraging pupils to produce creative and independent spoken work. The pupils have received input on how to use dictionaries, verb tables and phrase toolkits successfully in their language learning which has then been applied to the picture stories.

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Real Communication in Modern Languages

This project has explored the use of video-conferencing between schools in Exeter and schools in France and Germany with 3 focal points: practice for GCSE; discussion of current affairs at AS and A level; links with a local business for vocational languages. Conferences between teachers allowed quick planning meetings.

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These shoes are made for talking

This project uses drama to stimulate real communication, generate spontaneous interaction and increase cultural awareness. Using process drama techniques, pupils and teachers step into someone else’s shoes and ‘become’ someone from another country who does not speak or understand English, with pupils using their imagination to create ‘real life’ scenarios.

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Story Making in French / German / Spanish

The International Learning and Research Centre’s Key Stage 3 Innovation Group engaged with the Story Making project prioritising the development of pupils’ skills, confidence and independence in speaking, including opportunities to use language creatively in a range of contexts. Stories, created collaboratively, provided the context for the language learning.

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Bringing a text to life: From Talk to Performance

Starting with the principles of Talk for Writing, the aim of this project is to develop creative and innovative practice using texts in the target language. The text is memorized by the whole class and recited using a kinaesthetic approach. The resources produced aim to promote language rich and stimulating learning opportunities for all.

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Now You Are Talking

The project seeks to explore speaking skills with specific focus on students’ confidence, fluency and spontaneity in speaking. Its aim is to engage students with a variety of different approaches and to encourage creativity and independence with the target language.

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Total Immersion Learning Challenge: Having FUN! & Staying Safe

French and German oral confidence through kinaesthetic learning in the context of dynamic assertiveness training and self-defence. Creative role-play motivates learners, combining gesture and physical movement with verbal responses, impacting positively on fluency and appealing to hard-to-reach and gifted pupils alike. Cross-curricular, it helps embed PSHE, SEAL and anti-bullying.

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Our Voices

Pupils developed strategies to enable them to cope more effectively with their GCSE speaking controlled assessment with the focus on developing pronunciation, intonation and memorisation skills. In order to achieve our aims, we incorporated peer assessment across the two schools involved in the project and peer teaching.

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Talking Signs

Using British Sign Language as a set of existing and uniform gestures, we used the theme of animals to develop a range of responses from children in key stage 1. The objectives of the lessons were drawn from the Primary Modern Foreign Languages Framework.

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Languages Live

Building on our successful collaboration as a Strategic Learning Network, the project aims to engage KS3 students in creative responses to language learning. The focus was on creativity, independence and confidence, developed through a range of home learning projects. The end of the project was a big event called 'Languages Live' where students from all five schools came together to share their work and take part in workshops in a celebration of languages.

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Talked Up Leeds

This project aimed to assist the French, German or Spanish teacher in teaching the vocabulary which will enable the students to talk spontaneously and fluently on any given topic.

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Talking to Learn 2

This project is a continuation of the original LinkedUp Talking to Learn project and seeks to continue to develop pupil confidence in spontaneous talk. Teachers have focused on the development of new task types which encourage spontaneous or unplanned talk in the classroom with the aim of improving learners’ confidence and creativity.

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Speak up, speak out!

Speak up, speak out! is a cross-borough collaborative project involving primary and secondary partners working together to promote pupils’ confidence and independence in speaking. We have worked in French and Spanish.

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