The Links into Languages programme has now closed. Please be aware that this page is no longer actively maintained and the information contained within it may be out of date.

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Ensuring successful transition from KS4 to KS5

The project aimed to facilitate successful transition and progression for students studying a language at KS4 in a school environment to KS5 at a sixth form college and provide opportunities for teaching staff to better understand the requirements of GCSE, AS and A2, where applicable.

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Dovetailing online video and thinking skills strategies

Two 14-19 Teacher Networks produced a replicable framework of resources that dovetail online foreign language video and video editing resources with Thinking Skills strategies to develop the Personal Learning and Intercultural understanding of pupils in Key Stages 4 and 5.

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A new approach to Y7+: Continuity, Creativity, Culture

This project developed strategies to encourage students to share their learning and become less dependent on the teacher. It also developed lesson plans to illustrate how lesson content can become more engaging through links to other subjects, Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS) and Intercultural Understanding.

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Improving pupils’ progress in languages through effective approaches to transition

This project involved primary and secondary teachers working together to provide a smooth transition experience for pupils between Key Stages 2 and 3 through the adoption of systematic approaches to planning, teaching and assessment. It included peer observations and the effective use of ICT to record, monitor and assess learning.

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A Mandarin Journey

‘A Mandarin Journey’ provided the opportunity for students from a variety of different schools from across the Wirral to embark on a creative journey of cultural enrichment, by bringing students together to sing and play music from China. This was done through workshops led by experienced practitioners.

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Cross-curricular/phase project to develop innovative approaches to integrating a range of curriculum areas, enabling pupils in vertical groupings to work collaboratively to develop a variety of skills, including language learning strategies and understanding intercultural issues. Peer coaching with pupils is used to support learners.

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Aiming Higher in Languages

The project aims to improve pupils’ chances of achieving A/A* grades in French / German and to promote uptake at key stage 5. Pupils create a voiceover during a special event led by Sixth Form teachers. Throughout key stage 4 pupils have opportunities to access A level texts and activities.

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Links across the pyramid

‘Links across the pyramid’ is an account of the activities undertaken to examine transition across a 3 tier pyramid. The project team tried to improve communication between teachers and undertook a series of joint activities to promote and celebrate language learning in their schools.

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Creating a Language Learning Skills Continuum

Stand-alone teaching and learning activities and resources to develop pupils’ transferable Language Learning Skills and Knowledge About Language. The learning activities are matched to learning objectives in the Key Stage 2 and 3 Frameworks and can be used with any scheme for learning.

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Olympian values inspire language-learning and teaching in Newham!

Based on the 7 Olympic and Paralympic Values, we develop a scheme of work add-on, primary French teaching resources plus a vision, policy and action plan for primary MFL. Through team-planning, we teach, observe and evaluate to produce high quality French lessons.

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The World Today and Tomorrow

How do we improve take up and outcomes in languages at Key Stage 4? Our project’s aim was to create innovative cross-curricular French schemes of learning which enable Year 9/10 students to master the key language they need to discuss themes of real interest to them at their cognitive level.

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Language Learning Stories

Do your pupils struggle to see the progress they are making in languages? The Key Stage 1, 2 and 3 teachers in this project worked on approaches to enable pupils to be more aware of the steps in language progression and to focus on skills development rather than content accumulation.

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A board game for 2 players. Students take on the role of a British undercover agent and must work their way through France, Germany, Spain and Italy and back to Britain. They must pass on coded messages in the appropriate language in various situations, accumulating money as they go.

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Music is the rhythm of our lives

This project has the theme of transition between Key Stages 2 and 3 and Key stages 4 and 5 within the context of music, and has involved a Primary school, a Secondary school and a French partner school.

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Providing the Best Conditions for Languages

This project makes recommendations for languages provision at Key Stage 3, following an audit and learning visits to schools. It offers different models with a view to providing a consistent, secure base for progression into Key Stage 4.

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Secondary Language Network Transition Group

The project focused on building on students’ prior knowledge of French from their lessons in primary school and on familiarising secondary school teachers with some of the key methodology used in primary languages teaching in order to ensure that there is sufficient recognition of students’ prior learning.

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Transition in Film Key Stage 4 – Key Stage 5

The project has produced a creative transition in film framework that has mapped out and provided resources and lesson plans for where film can be used as a stimulus for learning and film making as an outcome to stimulate learning across GCSE and AS level in German, French and Spanish.

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Hear me, see me

In order to smooth the transition between Key Stage 2 and 3 in language learning in our family of schools, we have developed a core curriculum for Primary French, a Self-Assessment document for Year 6 children to complete prior to joining us and organised Language sessions here at our High School.

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Primary Mentoring Project

This project aimed to provide specialist MFL support to non-specialist primary teachers in relation to the launch of the Primary Languages initiative through a mentoring scheme.

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Linked Up Languages

The project has focussed on liaison between our four schools and the development from that of a coherent picture that allows students a seamless transition. This involves both the look of the department as well as the development of an 11-16 scheme of work. The aim from this was to improve uptake at Key Stage 4 and also to improve the use of target language amongst teachers and students.

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Exploring Literacy through Storybird

Year 7/8 pupils produced French and Spanish e-Books using the Storybird website. These e-Books were then shared with year 5/6 pupils in feeder primary schools, who used them as a lesson resource. Year 6 pupils then wrote their own e-Books in French and Spanish. The project culminated in a showcase event where year 5/6 and 7/8 pupils got together to read their books to each other, giving feedback in the target language.

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Languages and the Olympics

This project involved primary and secondary pupils, three primary teachers, three secondary teachers, including two PE specialists, and two Primary Languages Outreach teachers. The idea was to collaborate to develop Olympics-related resources in French and Spanish and activities which would provide opportunities for active learning and could be led by secondary and primary-aged pupils.

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Building Bridges

The project was predominantly aimed at creating a common unit of work which could be used by Year 6 pupils (or Year 5 in some cases) and Year 7. Colleagues looked at standardising assessment within the family. We were interested in how to show evidence of attainment and progression and in how much pupils understand about their achievements.

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Communicate to Integrate

In our project ‘Communicate to Integrate’, we planned to improve year six pupils’ experience of transition by pairing them up as pen pals with pupils in year seven at their destination secondary. Later they met and worked together at a special French theatre event at the secondary school.

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