The Links into Languages programme has now closed. Please be aware that this page is no longer actively maintained and the information contained within it may be out of date.

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10 minute guide to qualifications in languages

With an increasing range of language qualifications on offer, teachers need information in order to make the best choice for their students. Many have realised that traditional courses are not always the most appropriate to encourage students to continue studying a language. Awarding organisations have developed a range of alternative qualifications for languages that can complement different 14-19 pathways.

Ensuring successful transition from KS4 to KS5

The project aimed to facilitate successful transition and progression for students studying a language at KS4 in a school environment to KS5 at a sixth form college and provide opportunities for teaching staff to better understand the requirements of GCSE, AS and A2, where applicable.

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La Cucina d'Inferno

A project teaching Italian in the work environment of a professional training kitchen under the direction of a celebrity chef, Franco Taruschio. NVQ language units were used for assessment.

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Aiming Higher in Languages

The project aims to improve pupils’ chances of achieving A/A* grades in French / German and to promote uptake at key stage 5. Pupils create a voiceover during a special event led by Sixth Form teachers. Throughout key stage 4 pupils have opportunities to access A level texts and activities.

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Vocational Languages for Diplomas

The project aimed to develop a series of assessments to enable candidates to achieve QCF/NVQ Language Units at three levels within the Additional Learning strand of the Travel and Tourism Diploma. The assessments are designed however to be used to assess and accredit other vocational languages qualifications.

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