The Links into Languages programme has now closed. Please be aware that this page is no longer actively maintained and the information contained within it may be out of date.

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La Cucina d'Inferno

A project teaching Italian in the work environment of a professional training kitchen under the direction of a celebrity chef, Franco Taruschio. NVQ language units were used for assessment.

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Real Communication in Modern Languages

This project has explored the use of video-conferencing between schools in Exeter and schools in France and Germany with 3 focal points: practice for GCSE; discussion of current affairs at AS and A level; links with a local business for vocational languages. Conferences between teachers allowed quick planning meetings.

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The Language of Business

The idea behind this project was to bring together employers and young people, to enhance the employers’ engagement in Italian language learning and to give pupils an opportunity to understand how languages are used in a real work environment. Working with employers and students, we produced audio and video material to be used in both Italian language and business lessons as part of integrated programmes.

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Vocational Languages for Diplomas

The project aimed to develop a series of assessments to enable candidates to achieve QCF/NVQ Language Units at three levels within the Additional Learning strand of the Travel and Tourism Diploma. The assessments are designed however to be used to assess and accredit other vocational languages qualifications.

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Introductory Mandarin for work-related visits

This project taught Mandarin Language for the work place, awareness of cultural differences and customs to be observed. We created a short introductory Mandarin toolkit to give students an understanding of greetings, numbers, directions, signs and food that may be useful to communicate in the workplace.

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