The Links into Languages programme has now closed. Please be aware that this page is no longer actively maintained and the information contained within it may be out of date.

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The evolution of language learning through science

In this project language and science teachers collaborated to put together a unit of work for students to learn science through French and/or German. This motivated students, promoted active learning and developed teachers’ expertise as curriculum leaders.

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Using CLIL to tackle transition issues: developing capacity within the partnership

The project involved four Secondary school languages mentors and three Primary school mentors. Mentors attended a session on transition issues and CLIL in the Spring term. They developed a CLIL PSHE scheme of work in the Autumn term and they taught pupils PSHE through French.

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On the snail trail

‘On the Snail Trail’ aims to capture language learning in Key Stage 2 and put it into a meaningful context. CLIL methodology is explored for French, Spanish, German and Italian, through mathematics based on a story book and exploring the evolution of snails in science.

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A Drama Toolkit for Language Teaching

This project set out to create a Drama Toolkit for Language Teaching by creating a series of drama activities designed to enthuse, encourage, excite and challenge pupils in the context of traditional French stories from the Caribbean (primary) and the life and work of Marie Curie (secondary).

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CLIL Resources Project

We aimed to use the expertise of our Creative and Media Students to set up a student-run company to produce materials for use in primary and secondary schools to teach other subjects, particularly PSHE and Geography, in French and German. These materials will include short films of our work at Chenderit.

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