The Links into Languages programme has now closed. Please be aware that this page is no longer actively maintained and the information contained within it may be out of date.

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Handing Over!

Language acquisition, modelling and collaborative planning sessions helped teachers of Years three and four to gain confidence in delivering stimulating teaching of German or Italian in their classes. INSET included an evaluation of CLIL pedagogy, encouraging teachers to develop and embed target language activities in the Key Stage 2 curriculum.

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Water water everywhere

Resources to enrich French teaching in the primary classroom. Materials incorporate more sophisticated language and curriculum content as the children get older. Links are made to most areas of the curriculum for most age groups, and all the ideas can easily be adapted for mixed-age classes and to aid differentiation.

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Humanities through French

This project gave students the opportunity to learn French within a subject specific context, enabling them to use language for an immediately functional purpose. It also allowed teachers to develop confidence in language skills.

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Fabriquons un orchestre!

In this project French is used to deliver a Year 5 Unit of Design & Technology (Musical instruments) with cross-curricular links to Science and Music. The aim is twofold: to see how far language can be consolidated and developed through CLIL and to gauge teacher and pupil response to this approach.

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A Tale of Three Cities

Three diverse primary schools across the country created a filmed performance of a traditional tale, each incorporating their own elements of local culture and language. The tale was adapted, rehearsed, filmed and evaluated, with performances staged in front of a community audience including ‘premiere screenings’ of the other two tales.

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Teaching Language Through Music

The project involves use of French sounds and rhyming words, enabling children to learn correct pronunciation through use of music and movement, intonation patterns, phonics, engaging them in music and memory activities. It also leads to composition and performing as a group using French.

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Motivation and gender across three European countries: the impact of CLIL on pupil's attitudes towards second language learning

This research project examines the impact of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) on pupils’ attitudes towards learning a language in primary schools and in particular explores any differences related to gender or ethnic background.

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Little Steps into Languages for Little Learners

This project created story packs in three languages for class teachers of pupils aged 4-7 to borrow and explore, integrating them with the curriculum. The initiative had a focus on developing the skills, knowledge and confidence of Key Stage 1 primary school teachers to teach languages.

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Once upon a digital age

Do you want to deliver language learning objectives and ICT objectives through storytelling? Here you will find units of work in French and Spanish. They could easily be adapted for use in other languages and for other year groups.

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