The Links into Languages programme has now closed. Please be aware that this page is no longer actively maintained and the information contained within it may be out of date.

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Spinning a Yarn- ‘Helps Wu Larn’ - (The Geordie Way)

How to use stories from other cultures to develop the Intercultural Understanding Strand of the Key Stage 2 Framework for Languages. Using the language skills and strategies of secondary students to develop similar skills and strategies in primary school children.

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Developing Intercultural Understanding through Spontaneous Talk

The aim of this project was to increase and encourage spontaneous student use of the target language, through use of visual prompts such as photographs, often involving elements of Intercultural Understanding. The project was trialled with Year 8 classes in French, Spanish, Italian and German in schools in Shropshire.

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Talking Matters

We explored intercultural understanding and global learning through the use of images at Key Stage 3. Young people were able to develop their ideas of intercultural understanding in parallel with their linguistic progression. They were also able to develop their critical thinking and enquiry skills.

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