The Links into Languages programme has now closed. Please be aware that this page is no longer actively maintained and the information contained within it may be out of date.

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Ideas, inspiration and materials for language teachers

The Links into Languages LinkedUp Award Scheme produced a series of free resources for teachers of primary, secondary, and post-16 languages. From CLIL to transition and from alternative accreditation to progression, these materials were created and tested by groups of practising teachers and others working with languages. The LinkedUp Award Scheme, which was led by the Association for Language Learning in partnership with Links into Languages, aimed to tackle the challenges faced by language teachers and make a difference to teachers and learners, with the emphasis on innovation and creativity. Funded projects covered all ages from 4 to 19, a wide range of different languages and ten themes which reflected national priorities for language learning.

The final round of projects reported in March 2011. Materials from 112 projects were posted online by August 2011 and are all accessible via the resource finder at the top of this page. You can also use this resource finder to access the Links 10 minute guides, which cover topics including phonics, ICT and qualifications.

How can I make the most of the resource finder?

  • Use the search facility at the top of this page to find out which projects are most relevant to you
  • Use a project report, teacher guide or film clip to prompt discussion with colleagues
  • Download materials and adapt them to suit your own lessons
  • Check out projects running in your region and look out for opportunities to find out more - a number of local events are planned to showcase the projects
  • We hope you will find the resource finder informative and useful, and would be pleased to hear your feedback. Please email us your comments.

LinkedUp brochure

If you’d like to receive a free copy of the LinkedUp brochure, which details projects that have been funded through the LinkedUp Award Scheme and gives a taste of the quality assured resources made available through the Links website, please get in touch at You can also download a PDF version of the brochure to print or view online. 

Where next?

Whether or not you have been involved in a LinkedUp project, if would like to share your ideas, collaborate with other teachers or continue with your professional development, have a look at our Where Next? section. It gives advice about supporting your career, speaking and publishing opportunities and sources of funding for projects.

Copyright information

Please read the following important notice before downloading or using LinkedUp resources, which are subject to Crown copyright, Department for Education.

LinkedUp materials have been designed to be reproduced for internal circulation, research and teaching or training purposes. They can be reproduced for free provided that this material is acknowledged as Crown copyright, reproduced accurately and not used in a misleading context. Adaptation of these materials for other languages is permissible, providing the original source is acknowledged. Care has been taken to quality assure materials before publication, but we cannot be held responsible for inaccuracies or inappropriate use of content by the external parties who have created the resources.